Custom Boards

There are several options when customizing your board. These include:

Shape: As you can see in the Gallery, longboards come in all different shapes. You choose your board's shape, which is not limited to the shapes already in the gallery.

Dimensions: Different dimensions will provide a different ride for different boards. I'll help you optimize the length and width of the board in order to get the best ride.

Bends: Most Wicked Ricter boards contain compound curves including Concave, Camber, Convex, and Rocker. Talk to me to learn what these terms mean, and why you should or should not have these bends on your board.

Graphic: In general, the graphics are limited to paint and stain designs. You can use the boards in the Gallery as guides to help you choose what design would be right for you.

Prices for decks vary depending on the specific features of the deck, but they are generally between $50 and $100. Prices for completes depend on the type of components that you order from the Store with the board.

To order a deck, contact me, and I can help you decide how to customize your board.
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